Jedi Master Cole

January 9th, 2010 by Mom

Hello again. It’s me Cole. I just wanted to share an awesome experience I had recently at my friend Diego’s 3rd birthday last month. It was so cool. Can you say Star Wars theme. My Dad’s dream party. Oh yeah, my sister is super busy blogging about her Scooby Doo birthday party so I’ll include her in on this post too.

Well, here I am practicing my Jedi skills. I know, I’m a natural.
SnowVader2009 178

The party started off like any other party with some good eats.
SnowVader2009 183

Then it was time for some crafts.
SnowVader2009 194

Hey Stormtrooper Grace! Quit fooling around. It’s time for the pinata!
SnowVader2009 187

It was a Darth Vader pinata by the way.
SnowVader2009 200

I’m too little to hit a pinata but my sister did a great job. I think this was the first time Grace has hit a pinata. She’s so cool.
SnowVader2009 208

Ah ha! I found me some loot. Num num num.
SnowVader2009 210

Afterward was the Clone Wars movie viewing in the next room. We had popcorn too.
SnowVader2009 217

Finally it was time for our special guests to arrive. Grace couldn’t contain herself she was so curious.
SnowVader2009 220

Could it be? The Obi Wan Kenobi!
SnowVader2009 222

He was there to teach all the young ones how to fight like a Jedi.
SnowVader2009 228

This was when it got real fun. Darth Vader made an appearance too.
SnowVader2009 229

But he had the dark side on his mind. It was a great fight.
SnowVader2009 232

In the end, Obi Wan and Darth Vader made up and became good friends.
SnowVader2009 241

It was time for cupcakes that had blue icing on it. Grace was showing off her blue tongue.
SnowVader2009 242

No blue icing for me. Just plain old vanilla. But I wanted to make sure my tongue didn’t turn blue anyways.
SnowVader2009 258

Thanks Diego for an awesome party. Hey, you got a little something on your face birthday boy.
SnowVader2009 249

Wow, this blogging stuff is hard work. I don’t know how my Mom does it. See ya next time.
SnowVader2009 212

Eating Snow

January 4th, 2010 by Mom

Hello there! It’s me Cole! As you can see I’m ready for the snow at Arrowbear.

Ok. I lost the pj’s. Now I’m ready.
SnowVader2009 003

This white stuff is awesome! So cold and yet so soft.
SnowVader2009 017

I wonder how it tastes.
SnowVader2009 013

Here, you try.
SnowVader2009 021

Num. Num. Num.
SnowVader2009 130

Hey Mom! Is it ok to eat this yellow stuff?
SnowVader2009 138

I’m not sure I like this.
SnowVader2009 029

Is it over yet?
SnowVader2009 031

Daddy is here. I’m much better.
SnowVader2009 137

This still isn’t fun.
SnowVader2009 146

Wow! I’ve never been to a park with snow on it.
SnowVader2009 078

What do we have here?
SnowVader2009 167

Num. Num. Num.
SnowVader2009 164

Cool. More snowballs to eat.
SnowVader2009 156

Thanks for the memories Arrowbear. And the diarrhea too :-(. But that snow was too good to pass up.
SnowVader2009 089

Cole vs. Pluto

December 31st, 2009 by Mom

We took the kids to Disneyland earlier this month. For Cole, it was his very first time. I must admit taking a 17 month old to Disneyland is kind of a waste because he won’t remember any of it. Good thing he’s free.

Cole also had holiday Mickey ears.
Nov2009 238

Every kid has to have a picture in front of the castle.
Nov2009 257

So what does a busy toddler do while standing in those darn lines?
Nov2009 264

Why play peek-a-boo of course.
Nov2009 263

Cole wasn’t too excited about the rides but he didn’t hate them either. I think it was a lot to take in.
Nov2009 267

Surprise! I’m pretty sure Cole just pooped his pants right about now. Thanks a lot Pluto for scaring my kid.
Nov2009 279

Cole loved being able to explore around in Minnie and Mickey’s house.
Nov2009 296

Is it me or is that one tuckered out kid? I was worried about naptime but Cole can sleep anywhere I guess.
Nov2009 271

Like his sister, Cole had a good view of the holiday parade.
Nov2009 334

Before we left for the night, Cole got to see it “snow”. Farewell Disneyland.
Nov2009 365

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

December 25th, 2009 by Mom

Hey Santa, this year I want a lawnmower just like my daddy. You know, the one that makes bubbles.
Pacific View_20091215_000004

Ok, now for the picture thing. I’ll sit nicely, but I won’t smile.
Pacific View_20091215_000002

Shane and Cara’s Wedding

December 23rd, 2009 by Mom

As you probably read in Grace’s blog it was his aunt Cara and uncle Shane’s big day.  Mom, Dad, sister, Yaya and Papa were all part of the wedding party.  But not poor Colebear.  But that’s okay.  He was a trooper and gave his big sister a big hug for good luck for her special day.
Nov2009 051

Cole was looking forward to spending time with his Grandma Minnie.  She was there to help take care of Cole while we were busy with wedding stuff. Unfortunately, Grandma Minnie got lost on the way to the church and didn’t make it to the ceremony.  Luckily, Uncle Tim was there to save the day.  Cole is familiar with Uncle Tim and likes his mustache.  He spent most of the ceremony napping.  Thank Goodness!
Nov2009 187

We think our poor little guy was grieving the entire time he was away from Mommy. Everyone kept telling me that he looked so sad that night. But as soon as he was back in Mommy’s arms, he was back to normal.
Nov2009 195

After some chicken nugget fuel, he headed straight for the dance floor.
Nov2009 226

He also told his aunt Cara how beautiful she looked that night.
Nov2009 218

I’m pretty sure that Dan got a bunch of footage of Cole getting down on the dance floor. Stay tuned. Maybe I can convince him to post some videos soon. Until then, here’s some more hugs for you.
Nov2009 055

November 2009

December 10th, 2009 by Mom

November was kind of a crazy month. Our family was preparing for Cole’s Aunt Cara’s wedding over Thanksgiving weekend. I was also a little burnt out on picture taking so my blogging was delayed as well. As I was going through my pictures of Cole last month, I realized that I took a lot of single pictures of him. It’s a little hard to tell a story with just one picture so I’ll just group the bunch for the month.

As you know Cole is 16 months already. He’s a full blown toddler. He loves, just loves, touching everything he sees.  When we go to the library for storytime, there isn’t much listening going on in Cole’s world.  Just a whole lot of book pulling and exploring.  Luckily on this day it was toy day.  A man who made wooden toys brought some for the kids to see and play with.  Cole thought this was pretty cool.

Grace did too.

Even though he’s a little young and has a small attention span, he can sit for 15 minutes or so watching TV with Grace.  Here they are watching his favorite show right now, Barney and Friends.

Cole still loves the sandbox.  While Grace heads for the swings at the park, he likes to play with his sand toys.

He also likes to explore all of Grace’s toys like these Minnie Mouse glasses.  Open.

And closed.

Once a month Daddy takes Grace to the bookstore to buy a new book.  This time Cole got a book too.  Grace specially picked out Iron Man for him.

Cole is also a big fruit-a-holic and loves to put berries on his fingers before he devours them.

Oh boy.  This was just Mommy getting a kick out of seeing him in a fuzzy robe.

Cole is wondering why there is a turkey perched on his head.

At the Clubhouse Fun Zone, Cole loves to ride in the toy cars.  I see a Christmas present in his future.

It’s been real.  See ya.

Charlie Brown

November 11th, 2009 by Mom

Yep.  My bald little man was Charlie Brown for Halloween this year.  And what a perfect Charlie Brown he made.  That’s his dog Snoopy too.

He went trick or treating for the first time this year and he was a pro from the beginning.  Not shy at all when it came to asking for candy.  In fact, he learned that if he stood there long enough staring at the homeowners, they would eventually give him a second treat. They couldn’t resist his charm.

Did you know that his daddy played Charlie Brown once in an elementary play?  How perfect is that!  Two Charlie Browns in one family.

Happy Hump Day

November 4th, 2009 by Mom

Cole wanted to wish all his fans a Happy Hump Day!

Panda Spider

November 1st, 2009 by Mom

October is one of my favorite months.  I used to love dressing up for Halloween and still do.  Now that I have two little ones, it’s even more fun! Grace has her own opinions on what she wants to wear now but Cole has no clue yet and I’m taking advantage of it.

We pulled out old costumes recently and I let the kids try on the costumes they wore for their first Halloween.  If you recall, Grace was a panda and Cole was a spider.  Unfortunately for Grace she was too big for both but managed to have some fun with Cole’s spider hat.

I was amazed that Cole fit the panda outfit.  What a cute panda he makes much like his sister.

Here is was reminiscing about his times as a spider.

But the hat had to go.  You’ll have to see what Cole will be this year!  Let’s just say it’s very apropos.


As posted on sister’s blog we took the kids to the pumpkin patch to pick out their pumpkins.  While Grace and Ava were hopping away in the jump house, Cole had one thing on his mind.  To find his pumpkin!

Was this his pumpkin?  No.  Too big.

Is this the one?  Nope.  Right color but still too big.

Ah ha!  This is the perfect pumpkin.

Job done.  Time to go home!

Grace found her perfect pumpkin too.  Here they are back at home admiring their choices.

Bun in the Oven

October 23rd, 2009 by Mom

Grace likes to play Mommy every now and then and pretend she is pregnant.  Cole of course doesn’t know what’s going on but likes to imitate Grace.

This time Grace put a small basketball as her bun in the oven.

Cole thought this was cool so he grabbed a piece of paper and crumbled it.

And then he stuffed it into his overall front pocket like his bun in the oven.

So proud of himself.