Intergalactic Robot Party

September 10th, 2010 by Mom

July 19th was Cole’s 2nd birthday and we celebrated it by having an intergalactic robot party at a place called Hullabaloos’s. Here’s Cole and his robot shirt practicing saying that he’s two.
JuneJuly2010 420

Hullabaloo’s was a cool place where you can let your kids just run around and play. There was the little slide in the toddler area.
JuneJuly2010 430

And also the big slide that Cole got to ride with his daddy.
JuneJuly2010 440

Cole also got escorted up to the kids’ clubhouse. What a cool view from the top!
JuneJuly2010 441

The girls enjoyed being superstars in the karaoke room.
JuneJuly2010 438

Cole joined in with his daddy to sing a tune. I forget which one it was.
JuneJuly2010 453

But Dan mainly wanted the limelight to himself. Figures.
JuneJuly2010 452

Grace and Cole formed a small biker gang while they were there.
JuneJuly2010 465

We managed to get most of the kids for a picture. Cole wouldn’t sit without me so I had to join the photo.
JuneJuly2010 490

It was time for some pizza and treats in the robot room. Don’t ask me how we crammed all those people in that small tiny room.
JuneJuly2010 500

The room was decorated with robot stuff. Some robot centerpieces that kept falling apart on me. Arrrgh!
JuneJuly2010 516

And some robot favors Mommy made special for the guests. They were cute but such a pain in the butt to make.
JuneJuly2010 520

And let’s not forget the robot cake! It was my favorite tuxedo cake from Ralphs.
JuneJuly2010 505

Cole was a little shy when all the guests sang Happy Birthday to him.
JuneJuly2010 507

After the party we headed back to Papa and Yaya’s house to open up presents. Grace and Ava helped Cole do the job.
JuneJuly2010 531

Some of his cool gifts included an awesome train set and a Toy Story fishing pole just like the one his friend Ava has.
JuneJuly2010 529

He also got Buzz Lightyear wings but he was too afraid to wear them so Ava demonstrated how they worked.
JuneJuly2010 546

Mommy and Daddy gave him his very own scooter. Now he won’t have to steal Grace and Ava’s pink ones.
JuneJuly2010 558

Later dudes! Thanks for a super intergalactic robot party!
JuneJuly2010 561

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