March 2010 Part Deux

May 2nd, 2010 by Mom

About once a week I take the kids to the mall playground to break up the park monotony.
March2010 380

But most of the time it ends up like this. Cole and Grace just sitting around looking extremely bored. Give Mommy a break kids!
March2010 378

Cole also got to experience St. Patty’s day at Grace’s school again. This year, he’s bigger and wants to do all the things they do.
March2010 423

Including eating all the goodies.
March2010 418

I like to call Cole my little “collector” because he loves to collect items around the house and gather them under the dining table. Under the table is his favorite spot.
March2010 383

Later that weekend, we drove over to Santa Barbara for some shopping time for Mommy and park time with Daddy. They spent some time at the duck pond.
March2010 458

The whole time there I was just waiting for Cole to jump in and swim with the duckies but luckily Daddy was there to supervise.
March2010 464

When not at the park, they kids were playing inside their playhouse tent.
March2010 479

So what does Cole and Mommy do all morning while Grace is at school. Why take self portraits of course. Cole is a pro at saying “cheese”.
MarchApril2010 001

It was $1 scoop Tuesday at Baskin Robbins so I took the kids for a tasty treat. Cole insisted on eating his ice cream off the cone and not the cup.
MarchApril2010 013

He had a great teacher.
MarchApril2010 015

Not only is Cole eating ice cream off the cone, he’s eating his cereal in a bowl with milk.
MarchApril2010 048

Guess who came for a visit at our house?
MarchApril2010 090

Papa and Yaya!
MarchApril2010 114

Cole spent most of the time in the sandbox they gave him for his 1st birthday.
MarchApril2010 102

March was a busy month. Now it’s time for a picnic at, where else, the park! Byeee!
MarchApril2010 121

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