February 2010

March 9th, 2010 by Mom

Well, it looks like I’m at a blogging pace of once per month. Sorry folks. Time is not on my side these days. I don’t know where it goes. So what is Cole up to lately? What isn’t he up to is the better question. This kid gets into everything! He is a true 1 1/2 year old. In fact, like his big sis, he’s showing signs of the terrible two’s already.

He is very independent and wants to do everything himself. Including water color painting.
Feb2010 021

He sure has fun being a big boy.
Feb2010 025

It also helps that Cole has a big sister as a great role model. He does everything she does. Even sitting quietly to have a snack while watching a show.
Feb2010 084

Since getting his bubble lawn mower, Cole is pretty obsessed with bubbles. He is still learning how to blow them himself. Right now the wand just ends up in his mouth. Surprise, surprise.
Feb2010 116

But with a little help from big sis, he is blowing bubbles like a big boy.
Feb2010 456

He is also getting more interested in dress-up time. Sadly he only has access to princess dresses and tiaras.
Feb2010 129

And high heels too.
Feb2010 127

OK, we have a few boy things for him to wear including this fireman’s hat.  Perfect for a little boy. I’m a pretty talented photographer. I captured his drool mid-drip.
Feb2010 135

We also got this cute mini poncho from Yaya’s house. This was Dan’s when he was little.
Jan2010 368

On a recent trip to the craft store Grace found a perfect costume for both girls and boys. A wizard’s hat and cape. Cole only wanted to wear the hat. He’s the only 19 month old I know who will keep his hat on.
Feb2010 341

For Valentine’s Day, Mommy and Daddy got the kids a little surprise. As you can see they were both excited to see what they got.
Feb2010 226

Cole is showing off his goodies.  Num num.  Candy!
Feb2010 231

We also go to the park A LOT! I try to rotate which park we play at each day. I don’t mind it and the kids still love playing at the park. And the best part is that it’s free. This time I bought $1 balloon balls for Grace and Cole to play with while at the park. They both had the same idea. To walk around with a big preggo belly.
Feb2010 305

They even went down the slide with their big bellies.
Feb2010 319

When they are not at the park, the kids are at home fooling around. Since Cole is a little older, he is able to socialize more and actually play with Grace. It’s a lot easier for me to cook as well. For Christmas, Grace got this cool glow in the dark dome that you draw on. Cole knows how to use it too.
Feb2010 332

You little stinkers are too funny. They’re coming up with new ways to use the dome apparently.
Feb2010 326

Later dudes! We’ve got another park to go to.
Feb2010 098

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