Vroom Vroom

February 7th, 2010 by Mom

As we all know Cole is afraid of loud noises like the weekly trash truck, motorcycles, and apparently mini ATVs. For Christmas Yaya and Papa got Cole a super cool ATV for ride around.

It was love at first sight for Cole.  He loves loves loves ride-em toys.
GraceBdayXmas2009 464

He was ready for some serious cruisin’.
GraceBdayXmas2009 459

But unfortunately, that love turned to fear once the battery was all charged up and started to make vroom vroom sounds. It was all over. Now, Cole prefers to just push it around himself.
Jan2010 168

For now, Cole is content with little trucks he can play in the sand with. He likes to make the vroom vroom sound himself too.
Jan2010 041

Trucks?! I don’t need no stinkin’ trucks! Byeeeee!
Jan2010 180

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