Like Father Like Son

January 23rd, 2010 by Mom

Hi there!  Cole here.  I just wanted to share with you how my 2nd Christmas went.  My mom says I’m still too young to really understand the concept of Christmas and that Santa guy but I still had lots of fun.

On Christmas Eve, Daddy read me a great story before we headed to the family party. I just love reading with my Daddy.
GraceBdayXmas2009 346

At the party, I got to play with my cousin Madeline. She’s the cousin who is closest in age to me. I like to follow her around.
GraceBdayXmas2009 352

But most of the time I pushed around this music making toy. I like to push toys around. I hope I get something to push from Santa.
GraceBdayXmas2009 365

While Grace and the other cousins were doing karaoke, I was trying to get my Mom to tickle me.
GraceBdayXmas2009 385

All the presents wore me out. I was ready for bed in my sock monkey jammies. This time, Uncle Shane and I were giving my Aunt Cara a big hug.
GraceBdayXmas2009 407

On Christmas morning, I received the best gift ever! It’s something I can push, it blows bubbles, and while pushing it, I look just like my Daddy. It’s my very own lawn mower. Now I can help him mow the lawn on the weekends.
GraceBdayXmas2009 425

Some gifts I received was a trash truck. My Papa and Yaya felt that it might help me over come my fear of the dreaded weekly trash truck.
GraceBdayXmas2009 439

And I also got this cool Kawasaki ATV (more on this later). Thanks everyone for the best Christmas ever! I’ve got some crusin’ to do.
GraceBdayXmas2009 459

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