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Weiner Roast at Bolsa Chica

Monday, August 31st, 2009 by Mom

Before our camping trip we went to Bolsa Chica State Beach for a good old fashioned weenie roast.  Yaya, Papa, great-grandmas, Esther and Dorothy joined us as well.  Cara and Shane also came over from Playa del Rey for a day full of dogs and s’mores.  It was a beautiful day.  Not too hot, not too windy either.    It took us some time to find a free fire ring but we finally found one and quickly set up camp.

Because we set up near a fire ring, that meant soot, soot and more soot.  Kids seem to attract soot where ever they go.  Cole is enjoying one of the many treasures the beach has to offer.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t a seashell.  It was trash.

Grace had a great time playing smashball with Aunt Cara.

After smashball, Grace and Cole couldn’t wait to put on their swimsuits to dip their feet into the water.  Cara and Papa volunteered to take Grace while I took Cole.  Sadly, Grace is in a weird phase where she is afraid of the beach and doesn’t like to go in anymore.  She didn’t actually make it into the water this time.

Cole really isn’t interested in going into the water either.  He just loves digging in the sand near the water.

Finally, it was weenie roasting time.  Daddy did a great job making sure every hot dog was roasted to perfection.

Cole wanted to play smashball too.  But we were all too busy eating our hotdogs.  Sorry buddy.

After hotdogs, you have to make s’mores of course.  Here is Papa keeping a watchful eye out for those melting marshmellows.

Do you think Grace liked her s’more?  I think so.

Yaya graciously shared her s’more with Cole.

Weiners and s’mores.  Life is not only good, it’s great.

Dog Park and Dog Wash

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009 by Mom

I took both kids to the dog park for the first time a few weeks ago.  When we first got Molly we would go often but that changed as soon as we had Grace and Cole.  I think I was a little hesitant because I didn’t want the kids to get jumped on by dogs.  But we were tired of the same old park so I decided to take them to the dog park.  It was a nice treat for Molly.

Grace was ready to play chuck-it with Molly.  It’s Molly’s favorite.

Cole really liked the open space.

We played chuck-it for a while before Grace got freaked out by a rambunctious dog.  Was it that huge great dane you ask?

Nope.  It was a little pug (sorry no photo).  He just wanted to say hello and jumped on Grace but she freaked and started running full speed.  The little guy followed of course and that just added fuel to Grace’s fear.  After that we left to another park.  A kid park.  Much better.

Look at me Mom!

Before our trip to San Diego we gave Molly a nice bath.  We usually take her to the local pet store that has a tall tub for dogs but I ran out of time so we washed her out back.  Grace and Cole were my assistants and they were ready to help in their bathing suits.  First step get a hold of Molly before she catches on that’s she getting a bath and runs off. 

Next, rinse and lather shampoo. 

Rinse out shampoo and add conditioner.

Finally a towel dry.

All clean Molly!  It takes her all day to air dry but at least she smells great.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Friday, August 14th, 2009 by Mom

We’re still going gaga for monkeys these days even though it’s been two weeks since Cole’s monkey party.  This time we were playing Simon says.  Grace is still learning the concept and will do anything I say whether or not I say Simon says.  And Cole will do anything Grace does.  Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Simon says…find your belly button.

Simon says…pat your head.

Smell your feet!  I didn’t say Simon says.  You’re both out.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  This next picture should keep you smiling the whole time.

Monkey Madness

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009 by Mom

It was monkey madness at the Dykes Family household last weekend as we celebrated Cole’s 1st birthday with a monkey themed party.  This was a bigger party for Cole and invited the rest of the family to help celebrate Cole’s big day.  I went a little bananas finding all things monkey and ended up buying everything you could think of online. 

I made Cole a personalized birthday banner using good old Martha Stewart tools and ideas. 

I decorated the tables with what else, monkeys, bananas and palm trees. 

I made favor paper bags that resembled monkeys. 

Cole even had a special monkey T-shirt….

With his name on the back.

The kids saw that we set up kiddie pools in the back yard and couldn’t hardly wait until they were finished eating so that they could splash in the pools.

We also laboriously filled 100 water balloons so that the kids could play a water balloon toss game.  They ended up just throwing them at the walls and plants and such.  Kids love water balloons.

Cole found one and it sprung a leak.

Nice water fountain Cole!

The kids were excited about what was next.  They had their bags ready for….

The pinata!!!  And what do you think it was?  That’s right.  A monkey of course.  The pinata was a pull string kind and ended up being a dud so Carson gladly volunteered to whack it with a broom stick. 

It was time for cake and Cole was ready in his high chair.  At first Cole was scared because everyone was staring at him waiting for him to do something.

But then he realized that big white thing was made of sugar!  He didn’t have any problems after that.

The day we celebrated Cole’s birthday happened to be on Yaya’s actual birthday.  We surprised her with a pink daisy cake.

You look fabulous Yaya in your pink boa, tiara, and flashing margarita eyeglasses.

What do you think the kids did after cake?  More pool time!  It was a great way to wash away all that cake from Cole’s little body.

It was time to open gifts and Grace taught Cole her special technique of ripping all the paper off as fast as you can.

By the end of the night we were all zonked.  Daddy was passed out early on the floor.

Grace found a perfect spot under the table.

Cole says quit monkeying around.  I’m outta here!