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Wednesday, July 29th, 2009 by Mom

Since Cole is still a new walker he bumps into things around the house.   A lot.  With every new day, comes a new bump. 

Like this one he got while bumping into the door jamb the day before he was suppose to get pictures taken. 

It’s the big purple bump on his forehead, the scratch was from another time when he head butted the cement patio.  My little Bruiser.

Night Night Cole

Friday, July 24th, 2009 by Mom

Cole is starting to really understand what we’re saying and can do simple commands like “give it to me” and “out of your mouth!”.  Those are pretty common in our house. 

But a cute thing he’s been doing is going night night on command.  As soon as you say it, he will gently put his head down like he’s sleeping and even lets out a little sigh.

He will do it anywhere from on the big couch to Gracie’s couch….

To the ottoman.

Who’s the big boy?

I am, I am!

Guess Who Turned 1?

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009 by Mom

I can’t believe that a year ago Cole was new to our family.  He’s fit in quite well.  This year has honestly gone by faster than any year I can remember.  So I am both a little sad that he’s already 1 but at the same time so proud of my little guy.   

Last weekend, Yaya and Papa came up to watch the two kids for us while Dan and I went to a friend’s wedding.  The next day we decided to have a small family party at our house to celebrate Cole turning the big 1.  In true grandparent fashion, they came bearing gifts for Cole.  Yes, more balloons.

He also received his favorite thing in the whole world.  A sand box.  A sand crab box to be exact.  He knew exactly what it was as soon as he saw it.

Both Cole and Grace love playing in the sand.  It’s the perfect present for him.


The day of the party, Ava visited and all three of them jumped right in.

So what kind of treat did Cole eat for his 1st birthday?  Since we’re having another bigger family party in a few weeks we decided to get him a small cupcake to eat.  But this one was very special.  It was an ice cream cupcake.  Yummo!  Cole is trying so hard to reach that cupcake.

Wow, Cole, you sure know what to do with that thing.  You truly are my son.

Um, you’ve got a little something on your face there buddy.

Nope.  Still there.  Oh well, that’s what baths are for.

Happy Birthday Cole Bear.

Grande, 2 pump Vanilla, Non-Fat, Extra Hot, Latte Please

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009 by Mom

I’m really infatuated with coffee cups or any cup for that matter because I always think there’s a milkshake involved.  So when my mom gave me my first latte, I couldn’t believe my lucky stars. 😉

This stuff is so good I can see why people are addicted to it.

What?  Would you like a taste?

Just a little sip……

Because the rest is for me!


Parks, Parks, and More Parks

Monday, July 13th, 2009 by Mom

The sun is finally shining and June gloom seems to have burned off.  And that means lots of outdoor activities.  Since I’ve had kids, I find myself going to the park a lot these days.  Luckily for us, we live in a great community that has several different kinds of parks.  This particular weekend we went to the park three times.   

We have your standard park with swings and playground equipment.  Grace loves to swing.  In fact she could swing the entire time she was there if I let her.   

Cole on the other hand can only sit in the seat for a few seconds.


He prefers feeling the ground under his feet.  I can see you.


He also likes the train with a tunnel running through it. 

Watch out Cole!  That kid is gonna get you!

We also have parks at the beach.  This one is Grace’s favorite.  Surprise, surprise, Grace is on the swing again.  

This playground has a tunnel too for Cole.

Hurry Mom, take the picture!

We also went to another park that weekend.  A water park near Lake Casitas.  The kids loved it.  Grace couldn’t get enough of the slide. 

She went down that thing over and over again. 

Cole was just happy in Mommy’s arms. 

Life is good.

Crash and Burn

Thursday, July 9th, 2009 by Mom

Everytime we get a new box in our house Grace and Cole must ride in it.  Grace loves to push Cole around our house like he’s in a race car. 

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Actually, I think he liked crashing and burning. 

Little Shopper & Tidepools

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 by Mom

As I posted in Grace’s blog we went to the La Habra Children’s Museum and Crystal Cove recently.  Even though Cole is only 11 months, he seems to take it all in and enjoys new experiences. 

At the museum, Cole got to push around a mini shopping cart.  Too cute. 


I wonder if he knows that those veggies are fake.

Can’t leave the museum without a carousel ride. 

In the same room was bus that was cut in half to fit into the room.  Last stop, La Habra.

The driver on the bus says “Move on back, move on back”. (Nice mustache Daddy)

A blue cow?!  What the?  No Cole, cows are normally black and white. 

Cole is really enjoying ride-em toys right now. 

While at Crystal Cove, Daddy took Cole to discover the tidepools. 

Daddy is pointing to a crab. 

It’s cold out here!  Gotta run!

Cole’s First Trip to Sin City

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 by Mom

Hey everybody!  Haven’t you heard?  I’m going to Las Vegas!  My big sister Grace is teaching me how to say “Vegas Baby!” and I’m all packed and ready to go.

I did so many things like hitting the pool.  My chin was shivering but I didn’t care.  My floaty thingy is super duper.

But I liked snuggling with Mommy best.  She kept me nice and warm.

I also got to play with Grace and Ava a lot. 

Grace was teaching me how to use her lacing cards.  She’s shares so well.

Until I take the card she has right out of her hands.  She doesn’t like it when I do that.

We ate at some great places including these things called buffets.  My mommy fed me so many different types of food.  I also like to feed people.  Grace was hungry so I gave her some of my french fries. 

The trip home wasn’t so bad because I had a long two hour nap.  When we got to Yaya and Papa’s house Grace and I needed a snuggle.

I miss Vegas already.