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Lola the cat

Friday, June 26th, 2009 by Mom

Cole loves cats.  Our cats to be exact.  Because they hang out outdoors Cole doesn’t get to see them much which is probably why he is so obsessed.  When we picnic in the front yard Lola, our oldest cat, joins us for the fun in the sun.  That’s when the cat hunting begins.

“There she is.  I must move swiftly but quietly.”

“Check out my ninja style.”

“Why does she keep running away from me?  Here, kitty, kitty.”

“Finally in my grasp.  I want to hug her, and kiss her and squeeze her forever.”

“I wonder what cat tastes like.”

Cousin Emily and Madeline’s Birthdays

Thursday, June 25th, 2009 by Mom

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog because last week we took a mini-vaca to Las Vegas.  The entire family joined Daddy while he had some fun with his friends for a bachelor party.  There will be a nice big blog about our vacation week soon.  But for now, I have to catch up with how Cole is doing.  He’s 11 months already.  I can’t believe he’s almost 1! 

Recently we went to cousin Emily and Madeline’s new house for their dual birthday parties.  Emily turned 4 and Madeline turned 2.  Cole had a great time exploring their cool house and toys.  His favorite area he discovered is a sand box!  Boy oh boy.  He had access to all that sand to put into his mouth. 

Cole also got to spend time with Aunt Cara.  She took him for a ride down the slide. Wee!

And he also got to play a little soccer. 

At the end of the day he was pretty exhausted.  But not too exhausted to play with more toys at Yaya and Papa’s house.  Hey, isn’t that Gracie’s bike helmet?  Cole was reminiscing about the good old days of when he used to wear a helmet.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot to mention.  Look who’s walking!  Cole finally took more than 3 steps about three weeks ago.  I remember on May 29th during a dinner playdate Cole took three steps.  A week later he started to walk more and more.  Now he’s pretty much a pro walker.  And he loves it. 

Back at home Cole is continuing to crack me up all day.  I get a kick out of watching him play with his toys and getting into trouble.  Lately, all he wants to do is dump all his toys out, pick them up and throw them.  I caught the blocks mid air in this picture.

Hey, who turned out the lights?

Another cute thing he’s doing is using a pillow.  Whenever he sees a pillow on the ground he puts his head down like he’s sleeping.  Grace used to do the same thing around this age.  Funny how similar kids are. 

Since Ventura gets June gloom we haven’t been outside much lately.  But when the sun manages to peek out, we head for the outdoors.  Cole loves to explore my garden in the front.

He also loves the back patio where the big pink slide resides.  Why is it that kids always try to climb up a slide rather than slide down it? 

Oh look.  Cole’s in my dirt again.  Watch out for those rose thorns!

Cole says to stay tuned for more family fun.

Finger Painting

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009 by Mom

Once in a while when I am up for the mess I’ll let Grace and Cole finger paint.  Grace actually has a paint set with brushes so the mess is minimal.  But Cole is still young and only knows how to use his hands. 

Amazingly, none of the paint ended up in Cole’s mouth.  Now that’s a milestone!

Cole painted two pictures.

With Grace, I gave her a new paint applicator to add to her picture for some texture.  Notice the Corona beer bottle.  Nice one Mommy.

I think the picture turned out cool.