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Mover and a Shaker

Thursday, April 30th, 2009 by Mom

Cole is doing some serious cruising these days.  Not only does he cruise around the ottoman, he loves to push things and use them as a walker.  A chair is not the safest thing to push but I couldn’t resist letting him have fun with it.


Riding on things is still his number one favorite thing.  While we were visiting Dan and Marlene, I put Cole onto Ava’s push bike to see how he would do.  He’s not so sure about this thing yet.

Cole seemed to like the pink caddy more.

Cole’s First Easter

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009 by Mom

This year was Cole’s first Easter.  I can pretty much sum it up in one picture.  Cole was more interested in the Easter basket than the cool Elmo bath toy the Easter Bunny got him.  Oh well.  Because Cole is still so young most of the holiday posts are dominated by Grace but Cole will soon catch up. 


Even though Cole is only 9 months old he still searched for some eggs with the help from Mommy.

It was a cool first Easter for Cole.  Spending time with Daddy and the family was the best part.

Along for the Ride

Friday, April 17th, 2009 by Mom

Cole’s nearly nine months and he’s a real trooper.  As posted in sister Grace’s blog, it was a busy few weeks.  Like a true baby brother, Cole was along for the ride. 

Cole is still wearing the helmet full-time.  As of today he has only two more weeks in it full time before we can start to wean him from it.  He should be helmet free by May. 

As Cole approaches 9 months I wanted to get him used to eating more table foods.  He is getting the hang of grabbing foods.  But sometimes they are too slippery for him to grasp like mangos and peaches.  Dan pointed out that if you sprinkle cereal dust on the fruit it’s easier for the baby to pick them up.  Who knew Dan was such a domestic Martha Stewart. 

Aside from finger foods Cole is also drinking water from a sippy cup.  I am lucky enough to still be breast feeding Cole but I also give him the cup to practice with during the day.  And Cole needs lots of practice because he’s usually drenched and it appears more water made it onto his shirt than into his mouth. 

Cole is also a little rascal when it comes to exploring the house.  One of his favorite things to do is to dump Molly’s water all over the floor.  Or pull dirt out of Mommy’s house plant.  He also likes to stand under the kitchen table.  

An even funnier thing Cole loves to do is to ride Giacomo the horse.  He’s still way too small to ride it completely unsupervised.  Still, once he’s placed on the saddle, he rocks the horse back and forth.  This was the clearest shot I could get.  He’s a fast rocker.

When Cole is in a grouchy mood all I have to do is ask Dan to sing him a few songs.  It always entertains him.  Daddy’s happy because at least someone in this family appreciates his music.

If Daddy is not around I give him the Slinky to play with.


At home with Mommy, if were not having playdates at the park….

We’re going to a Mama Mia Mothers Group activity.  One time we went to the Clubhouse in Ventura.  The Clubhouse has lots of fun activities for both infants and kids.  But the downside was that it cost me $15 for the kids to get in and we were there only 1 hour. 


Recently, we spent some time with Grandma Minnie in Moreno Valley.  She can’t get enough of Cole’s smile.


We also went to Idyllwild for Cole’s first visit.  Cole was pretty happy to be there with Yaya and Papa too.

Cole and Grace enjoyed watching Papa make a fire in the fireplace.  Cole looks like he’s about to do something naughty.


Here’s Mommy and Cole in Idyllwild with Lily Rock in the background.

Luckily, the ride down from Idyllwild was not so bad.  Both Cole and Grace took a nice long nap on the way back to Fullerton.

Well, Cole has more mischief and mayhem to tend to.  See ya later.