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8 Months

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009 by Mom

Guess who is 8 months already?

Aw shucks, it’s Cole Sebastian that’s who. 

At 8 months Cole is doing his unique style of crawling similar to Grace.  His technique is a little slow but he gets around.

He’s also cruising everywhere he crawls.  His favorite thing is to crawl to a high object and pull himself up and hang out. 

He loves the table that his friend Ava let him borrow. 

Since it’s spring time and the days are getting sunnier, I had to buy Cole a big hat to cover his open spot on his helmet.  I learned my lesson the hard way because the last time we were at the park I did not have a hat handy and he ended up getting a little burnt in that spot.  Also because of his helmet I can not use sunblock on his head.  I had to buy a size 3-4T so that it could fit over his helmet.  Poor little guy, his head looks so big that he looks like he should be saying, “ET, phone home”.  No, not really.  He’s still cute as ever.

Cole also loves riding in and on things.  The rocking bike thing Grace got when she was 1 is a big hit with Cole. 

He especially likes driving.

Another item I’ve introduced to Cole is the radio flyer wagon.  There’s a spot for both Grace and Cole.  He was a little hesitant at first….


But he soon realized it was a fun time and he kicked back and enjoyed ride.

Our nighttime routine is going pretty smoothly.  Cole goes to bed 1 hour before Grace does so I have time to do all the bed time rituals like taking a bath.  He’s been in the bath tub by himself for quite some time but I’ve never gotten around to taking a picture.  He’s still a slippery little sucker and he could fall any time so I have to watch him like a hawk.  He loves to suck on the washcloth but I keep telling him that bath water is gross to drink and take it away.

He’s not too pleased with me when I do that but he gets over it fast.

Another nighttime routine is reading a book.  At this age, I’m lucky enough to get through all the pages.  Cole just wants to eat the book. 

Ok, enough blogging Mommy.  It’s getting in the way of my story time.  See ya soon.   

7 Months

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009 by Mom

Cole is 7 months and I can’t believe it.  It’s true what people say that when you have two kids, the time just flies by that much faster.  It doesn’t feel like it’s been 7 months since Cole came into our world.  He’s growing to be such a cutie pie with such a great outlook on life.  He always has a smile for you. 

Lately, he’s been pulling himself up and mini cruising.  One minute he’s at one spot and then I look over and he’s cruised over to another spot.  He’s still not completely crawling right now.  This week I’ve noticed that if he wants a toy bad enough he’ll do a scoot.  His tush doesn’t lift off the ground.  Silly kid.  Grace was similar in that she did a half crawl too.  She never fully crawled just went straight to walking. 

He’s adjusting wonderfully to his helmet.  Last week I took him to the helmet doctor to get his head rescanned to see the progress.  The results were awesome.  His head is getting rounder in the back and is getting less lopsided.  He still has a good two more months in the helmet but we’re already half way there. 

Even though he has a helmet it doesn’t stop us from putting things on his head.  We’ve tried out a few things to see if the helmet would be less conspicuous. 


Lego buckethead….

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball cap….

He even wanted to try out to be the drummer for Led Zeppelin.  He was crushed when I told him the spot was filled. 

As posted in sissy Grace’s blog we got to spend some time with Yaya and Papa and other Dykes family members.  Cole got to ride the teeter totter with the big girls.  He looks like he’s enjoying himself…

Until he falls off and eats grass but Aunt Cara is there to console him.  We are thankful for the helmet during these times. 

I think he’s more comfortable sitting on the grass and watching the crazy girls play.

Cole also got to ride the slide with Daddy’s help of course.  What a big boy.

Still, his favorite times are when he gets to be home with Grace and play.  Sometimes he bugs her and tugs on her princess dresses.

But most of the time they enjoy eachother’s company.

See ya folks later.  Getty-up Giacomo!!