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Cole’s 3 Months!

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008 by Mom

I can’t believe how fast time flies.  It makes me sad sometimes to think that my babies are growing faster than I can enjoy them.  Each day I try to slow down and take in their cuteness.  Cole is already 3 months old.  These last few weeks he has developed and met some good milestones.  As posted before, his favorite pasttime is chowing down on his hands or your hands if you let him.  He also is talking much more than before. 

We recently put him in the exersaucer for the first time because we still need to keep him off his head during his wake times.  With a little extra padding to keep him snug he’s good to go.

Cole still likes sitting in his Bumbo as well.

Cole is also trying to grab items or toys we put in front of him so that he can eat it too.

But his hands are still #1 in his book.

It was a little chilly in our house recently so I put one of Cole’s beanies on him.  Okay, so it’s a little small.  He looks like a sailor. Ahoy mate!

A couple weekends ago we went to the pumkin patch and I dressed up my little pumkins.  Too cute.

You’ll have to wait until the next post to see what little Cole will be for Halloween.  Until next time.

Cole’s Crib

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008 by Mom

Dan and I finally got around to setting up Grace and Cole’s room.  Because we have a 2 bedroom house they will be sharing a bedroom.  We had to switch because our bedroom is bigger and the two beds fit better.  Now Dan and I get to sleep in the pink striped “Grace” room.  Here, Grace wanted to help Cole introduce the crib to him.  She still fits in it believe it or not.

Cole also got his 2 month’s checkup at Dr. Sally and Dr. Stephanie’s office.  He weighed in at 14.2 lbs (84%) and 25.2 inches (95%).  I forget his head size but it was on the small side similar to Grace.  I have two pin heads for kids.  The doctor said he looked great except that we needed to do more “tummy time” with him because his head was getting flat on the back.  He is a great sleeper and doctors always say to put babies on their backs when sleeping.  But too much time on the back can cause the flat head which can lead to a helmet.  We are trying to put Cole more on his tummy and hold him more upright but it’s challenging when you need to also take care of a restless toddler.  He’s also drooling a lot more.  He loves to eat his hands while laying back or sitting in his bumbo.  When I get a good picture of him drooling and chowing down on his hands I’ll make sure to post it.

It’s also been warm out and our house is always hotter than outside so the kids spend a lot of time in their undies.  

Cole also loves his new surfer ducky which was a present from Papa and Yaya.  He especially loves giving him kisses. 

Cole says “No helmet please” so it’s off for some tummy time.  See ya soon.