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First Bottle

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008 by Mom

Since it’s getting close to Mommy returning back to work, we decided to introduce the bottle to Cole for the first time.  He did really well with it overall.  He didn’t fuss about the nipple being weird or the flow of the milk.  However, I think Cole was a bit too relaxed with the bottle feeding session.  It ended up taking an hour for him to drink 3 ounces.  Since we’re breast feeding it’s hard to gauge how much he’s getting but one hour?  Hopefully he won’t be that slow at daycare or they’ll be feeding him all day.

Gracie helped out too and fed her baby brother.

Here are a few more pictures from the last few weeks.  Cole is starting to really respond to his surroundings with coos and smiles.  He even held his own toy for a while.  Of course he didn’t even know it was in his hand but soon he’ll get it.

We’re also trying out some tummy time to build up the neck muscles.

Cole says it’s time for another nap.  See ya.

Mr. Bumbo

Friday, September 5th, 2008 by Mom

Cole is growing to be such a cutie pie.  His smiles come more frequently, usually after a meal of course.  Here’s a cute one.

He is also holding his head up pretty well.  We tried out his head balance by putting him into the Bumbo seat.  Gracie used this seat when she was small too.

Another first for Cole is the cloth diaper.  It’s a first time for Mommy too.  After weeks of research I finally put his first pair of cloth diapers on him.  This is still a trial run with the cloth diapers so we’ll see how long we can keep this up.  It takes some time to put them on but I’m sure it’ll get better with each diaper change.

Here is the cloth diaper without the sharp pins and without the cover.  That weird looking blue stretchy thing is what keeps his diaper on.

Here’s one with one of his diaper covers.  They have so many different styles now for kids.

See you next week.